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Heinrich Roder's Lab

Our research addresses basic questions in protein science and employs a wide range of experimental and computational approaches. A major aim is to... (more)

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Experiments and Simulations Show How Long-range Contacts Can Form in Expanded Unfolded Proteins with Negligible Secondary Structure

The sizes of unfolded proteins under highly denaturing conditions scale as N(0.59) with chain length. This suggests that denaturing conditions mim... (more)

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The Denatured State Ensemble Contains Significant Local and Long-range Structure under Native Conditions: Analysis of the N-terminal Domain of Ribosomal Protein L9

The denatured state ensemble (DSE) represents the starting state for protein folding and the reference state for protein stability studies. Residu... (more)

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Osman Bilsel's Lab

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Simulation of Millisecond Protein Folding: Ntl9 (from Folding@home)

Simulating protein folding on the millisecond timescale has been a major challenge for many years. In a recent paper (http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/... (more)

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