Our Goals in Research

The missions of the Protein Folding and Dynamics Research Coordination Network (PFD-RCN) are to transform the molecular-level understanding of the protein folding problem, to explore the applications of these discoveries to related biological phenomena, and to establish a new paradigm for solving complex problems in biology through collaborative efforts.

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The Protein Folding Problem

The spontaneous folding of polypeptides is one of the most important phenomena in biology, yet, after decades of effort, it is still not well understood at a molecular level. With recent advances in theory, experiment, and technology, there is now a unique and exciting opportunity to integrate these fields into a unified view of the folding problem.

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Coordinated Research Efforts

The Protein Folding Consortium (PFC) transforms the way that scientists think about the protein folding problem and protein dynamics by creating a consortium of experimentalists, theorists and computational biologists whose collective efforts exceed the progress attainable by individual labs.

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